Moments: Unboxing Grant

Brian McFadden, band director:

“I think it’s gonna be nice to have something to mix up the routine that we had … Sometimes we have a feeling of comfort that takes away from innovation and creativity. And so now, having to figure out how new spaces work … we should have more opportunities and more potential for  growth.”

Mykhiel Deych, English department:

“On the one hand I feel great because both of the people I’m sharing my classrooms with are other freshman English and Writer’s Workshop teachers … but I definitely worry about students feeling like they don’t have a base, which is the whole point of freshman communities.”

Jamie Zartler, woodworking:

“I’m trying to figure out what I can do to provide a good learning experience for students when I have machines that are still broken and I haven’t been able to get a delivery in yet. I’m starting a new program so it definitely adds a layer of complexity.”

Grant Magazine
The Grant Magazine is a hybrid publication, comprised of a 36 page monthly news magazine and this website. It is put out and run by a small staff of students from Grant High School in Portland, Oregon.

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