Senior Wills

I, Amanda Johnston, will Claire Wheeler and Isaiah Zimmerman the title of “Cutest Royal Blues Couple,” and Henry Belliveau anything French, Italian or German.

I, Eli Boudouris, will Liam Jemison the cross country team as well as the keys to Kamryn’s heart.

I, Henry Brannan, will Emile A. Laurent my insatiable infatuation with Grant High School!

We, Sofia Penrose, Ally Jeidy, Jake Faha, Mia Bacher and Brianna Hayes, will a love of James Madison and funk to next year’s Unit Five.

I, Lillie Spafford, will Lily Epstein my senioritis, Jolyn tan lines and sass. Keep swimming 🙂

I, Hitomi Tanizawa, will Hallie Lamberton my volleyball skills and the Taco Bell on 82nd.

I, Cade May, will the members of Grant Magazine, as well as Sam Malloch and Dylan King, my good fortune in the undergraduate admissions process.

I, Claire Manning, will Jessica Barr a toilet.

I, Sofie Sundberg, will Anna Hekker my locker (the best one in the best location) and I also will Jaida King my sass.

I, Koji Wieber, will my Hawaiian shirts to Dylan King, my cornhole skills to Sawyer Medlin, a friend request acceptance to Jackie Rath, the game ball to Molly Metz, Jersey Mike’s Subs to Bella Rideau and all of my wrecks to Eliza Kamerling-Brown.

I, Austin Griggs, will my entire Grant High legacy to Joseph Reiber, my son and protege. It has been my absolute pleasure and I am certain my expectations for you next year will be met and exceeded. Carpe Diem, J Reibz.

I, Abigail Matsushima, will the mad lax powers and chanting cheers to my lax babies, my car and scrubness to my brother and Anna Shaff all the captain love.

I, Brandon Brown, will my fashion to Lucious Hicks.

I, Savannah Turner, will Sydney Turner the power of dissent in a classroom/at home while I’m away, and Isabella Zehetbauer and Liam Posovich success on Con Team.

I, Caleb Walcott, will Joby Walcott my room, my rolex and my red Schwinn 10-speed.

I, Libby Kokes, will Rennifer Kendrick and Taylor Ishida Unit 6 elite glory, Lena Grover, Haille Anderson and Eva Bailey the power of the green guru and  a chocolate raspberry brownie to Reid Tingley, and all the grit, happiness and speed in the world to the Grant women harriers!

I, Sarah Quick, will my love for softball to juniors Emily King and Maddy Kuhn. Kick butt next year!

I, Claire Gabris, will many more state championships to my ruggers and to Egglise, 3 more eggcellent seasons.

I, Alec Mouser, will my love of Napoleon and Mr. Lickey to whatever poor underclassman is willing to accept it.

I, Wyatt Jackson, will Tristan Zeryck the responsibility of the pitch pipe in A capella choir and the Jackson legacy to Charlotte Jackson.

I, Charlotte Strange, will Sprout Chinn MY BEEF.

I, Ashley Linstedt, will Cole Hollands my One Direction duct tape and Ruby Weinstein three years of Pocky and failed lunch plans. Lastly, I will Dylan Palmer the garden picnic table.

We, Carl Rydell and David Newcomer, will Grant Robotics Team 3636 to the leadership of Gabe Metzler, Lucas Quenton and Karlos Ramoz.

I, Hunter Stewart, will my Black Power pick to Blu Midyett, my love to Anna Shaff, my best wrecks to Tess Waxman, vein intensity to Jackie Rath, looks to Bella Rideau and The Loop to Eliza Kamerling-Brown.

I, Nyles Green, will Miles Cole the title of Ball Buster in Grant Band. #bandthings

I, Caroline Walter, will Taylor Ishida a kickass SAT score. I also will Zella Lobo a clean phone. I will Maddie Hagan a great summer at the farm, and I hope  you don’t dry heave after every race next year.

I, Brianna Hayes, will my dedication and passion to 2015-2016 BSU leaders Evan Harvey and Kennidee Teal, my leadership to BSU members and my mini whip/good looks/great personality to my FLY little sis Bailey Hayes!

I, Mitchell Doebke, will the entire Class of 2016 my severe case of senioritis.

I, Jerry Tatum, will Kelton S., Fred K., Callie Q., and Charlotte K. a bag of Rolos, a deck of cards, balloons and a stop watch (they’ll know what it means).

I, Claire Lupfer, will Jessica Murray the head of the table and Sam Malloch the mic.

I, Sydney Oliver, will Claire Wheeler, Alex Dana, Sydney Parno and Ella Timmons the care of the dance team. Keep the Gendrills amazing. I also will Sunshine Bender my dinosaur sweater.

I, Cole Domenico, will Richard Smith my unfathomable good looks and astronomically contagious flatulence.

I, Ainhoa Woodley, will Taste Tickler runs, my visitor’s parking karma and hustlin’ the hallways to Adrian Woodley. Keep on kickin’, lil homie!  (Also, I win.)

I, Amelia Morrison, will my dance moves to my roommates, Sarah Hamilton, Molly Metz and Sophie Hauth, my New Yorker accent to Max Tapogna, a stress-free senior year to Taylor Ishida and many more late night drives to Eliza Kamerling-Brown and Bella Rideau.

I, Josef Kilty, will Jake Flatt my Grant High School classroom clock and my ability to always get out of class.

I, Mia Ring, will Isabella Zehetbauer the power to win a national championship and the rights to the back room of the art class.

I, Toby Oliver, will some of my sass to Michail Thompson in the hopes that he carries on the tradition of “Tony the Intern.”

I, Noah Callahan, will Joe Reiber “the team.”

I, Abby Diebold, will Tristan Zeryck the witness control signal, to Lena Grover the eternal spirit of Melva Anderson, to Anna Bosworth equal parts sass and success and to the 2015-2016 Con Team, Big Booty J.

I, Trenton Bryant-Trerise, will Robert Young my door-holding duties for A capella next year. This is a sacred honor and I expect you to uphold it.

I, Amber Burkhart, will Amy Burkhart our combined sister power and all of my armpit hair. I will Jessica, Summer, Eva, Emma and Kate a few drops of swagoo. I will Blu ¼ of my dreadlocks. And to the future con team, I will strength, confidence and Big Booty J.

I, Grant Fisher, will AJ Atherton the power to throw gas and hit dingers.

I, Sasha Jenkins, will Jessica Barr my house to use whenever she can’t hold it during school. I also will Lucy Aldisert my driveway for two years of easy parking, as well as my track shorts from sophomore year.

I, Eli Willman, will Sammy Willman the ‘05 Honda Element, Jacob Velasco the batting cage and Sawyer Medlin my shoe collection.

I, Grant Lamberton, will Michail Thompson the trumpet section leader position in Jazz and wind ensemble.

I, Martin Chasehill, will Richard Smith my skills in dance and calculus, and I will Anna Bosworth my calm and stress-free demeanor.

I, Cassie Hill, will Taylor Ishida all the power she can muster to beat senior year (and academia in general) and Bella Rideau all of my love and battery life so we can Facetime while I’m gone.

I, Narumi Nakagawa, will my good grades, all my free Dutch Bros. cards and my volleyball skills to Haven Williams, Evan Harvey and Ainsly Griggs.

I, Sky Weinstein, will Joseph Valentine Reiber all advertising rights to “Jump Start.”

I, Daniel Sims, will Fernando Garcia my attitude.

I, Alex Duval, will Chris Duval my immense physics knowledge and Taylor my refusal to do calculas homework.

I, Christian Wynn, will Luke Davis the televised Sports Report, the key to Kabza’s heart and a voice of gold.

I, Sophia Morrow, will the pleasant burden of organizing the choir robes to the incredible Libby Clark, my sass to the already sassy Moya Woods and all of my love to my friends going into their senior year! Love you guys!

I, Mac Santa Cruz, will “Tristain” Zeryck my dank memes.

I, Owen Crabtree, will Richard Smith my random urges to write people I don’t know ridiculous birthday messages on Facebook.

I, Aaron Karson, will Kate Brandy the class of students she’s always deserved. As neither explicit or implicit admission of guilt or involvement, I also will Miranda “Panta” Karson, my delicate little sister, the Grant High School parking lot sign. Check the basement.

I, Abigail June Bugg, will athletic ability and intelligence to Ian Downey – to strive in school and do well in basketball.

I, Lincoln Ennis, will Richard Smith my ability to not run into poles, Cameron Hillman my collection of shrunken heads and Tristan Zeryck $3,756,097.43 in offshore bank accounts.

I, Emily Highkin, will Richard Smith my senioritis and my sense of direction. I will Elisa Suarez Maggie’s leotard and Thursday night stories with Margretta. To Madeline: Sasquatch 2016, $2.45 of dried mango and Latin hips.

And finally, for the Grant Magazine Seniors who have dedicated their year to bring you this magazine.

I, David Austin, the advisor and long-time nagging voice against Grant Magazine seniors, do hereby make the following requests of the graduating seniors of this fine publication. To wit, they are as follows:

Hunter Stewart: Continue to impart your wisdom, work ethic and overall understanding of the human condition to the whole world. Your passion, your insight and your ethics in journalism help to shed light on the things that don’t always help others. If more people could be like you, the world would be a much better and smarter place. You have a strong heart and a tireless soul. Do good with them. And don’t forget to come back to magazine once in a while to help a brutha out! #newschool

Koji Wieber: Use your analytical skills to make a difference in the lives of others. I’ve never had a magazine student come close to matching your precision, accuracy and dedication to the craft. For you, it has always been about the work and about the magazine’s standards. You never make it personal. I watch how far you have come and you most definitely are a Grant Mag role model of excellent regard. Can’t wait to see how far you go at American U.

Cade May: Keep blazing the path about making it cool to be smart AND black. No one can take away from you what you’ve earned in the world of academics. No one at Grant can top your acceptance record — Dartmouth, Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Northwestern, Berkeley, UCLA and more. And then the pick: Stanford U. Put “The Farm” on your back, my brutha, and do what you have to do to make everyone notice. I look forward to watching you rise!

Cassie Hill: Keep developing your confidence. Do NOT stop moving forward on all the things you figured out this year. For me, your success is personal — you have “suffered” through four years of this magazine. And your talent is all over it. Be bold and remember to define who you are and who you will become. It’s not bragging if you can do it. I’m very proud that you are heading to Emory. Take in all the wisdom, blaze your own trail. After all, it’s yours, no one else’s.

Amelia Morrison: Find your center. Chart your course. And go. You have qualities that bring people together and make them think. You care about the well being of the team. And your voice has a lot more power than you give yourself credit for. Always speak up and out. And remember to dive in feet first. Have confidence. And  come back to tell us all about your next adventure.

Amber Burkhart: Don’t lose your reflex to question everything in front of you. You can only get answers if you ask the tough questions. Your skill at gathering things in, condensing them and coming up with a story that helps make a difference has served our readers well. Figure out, while you travel, what your next steps will be. I know you won’t be afraid to make a big splash.

Grant Magazine

The Grant Magazine is a hybrid publication, comprised of a 36 page monthly news magazine and this website. It is put out and run by a small staff of students from Grant High School in Portland, Oregon.

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