Moments: Flips and Tricks

At Grant, there’s a chance you’ve seen Angelo Accus. He’s the kid who  flips and tumbles his way around campus. He spends time teaching anyone  how to be acrobatic. People, he says, find it interesting and they want to learn.  His friend, Justin Robinson (left), tries to keep up.

“When I first landed an aerial, people were like: ‘Whoa, that’s incredible.’ So I kept on doing it and since then it’s just been practice makes perfect. I’ve definitely met new people and made friends because of this. I get so much out of it. Happiness, exercise, skill. There aren’t any downsides. I practice almost every day. It has a lot of feedback loops to it because once everybody has something that they’re learning or already know, people tend to help each other.”

-Angelo Accus, junior 

Cassius Pettit
During sophomore year, Cassius joined Grant Magazine in hopes of improving its multimedia reports. This is Cassius’ second year as Photo Editor and he hopes to continue stepping up the photo report while at the same time, making sure to produce his own content, as well. “I always leave my house with nothing but my camera and a tripod and go explore the city,” he says. “You’re bound to get a good picture that way.” Looking toward the future, Cassius plans to apply to film schools across the country with hopes of creating a feature length film.

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