Losing Alberta: Gentrification in Northeast Portland

Portland is the fastest gentrifying city in America. Gentrification affects more than just numbers. It changes lives – not always for the better. Videographer Sawyer Montgomery and reporter Joshua Webb looked into it.

Sawyer Montgomery

The first freshman to join the class, Sawyer Montgomery specializes in producing video content. The online editor, in addition to the magazine, participates in varsity lacrosse and boxing. He enjoys eating his bodyweight in Chipotle burritos and spending unhealthy amounts of time viewing Vice documentaries.

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Dan Blue said : Guest Report one year ago

Hey Sawyer, great video piece on gentrification. I work at Metro, and would like to know what document you reference at 1:59 in the video. I'd like to see that whole report. I'm Finn's dad btw... great work!

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