True Tales Animated: Valentine’s Day

As an addition to our Grant Magazine series True Tales, Grant Magazine Comic artist Sarah Hamilton sat down with English teacher Kate Brandy to give her individual spin on a 2008 Valentine’s Day story.

Cristy McCarty, Photography

“I think that Valentine’s Day is overrated and I like to refer to it as corporate love day… I feel like people should be confident in being alone and not having to have a partner.”

Jim Tucker, Mathematics

“Valentine’s Day is a time of the year that is important for us to make sure we recognize the people we love and are important in our lives. Sometimes we forget to do that in our everyday lives so its nice to have a day that kind of makes us do that…A reminder of things we need to say that we don’t always say.”

Melody Rockwell, Art

“Honestly, the older you get the more annoyed you get by restriction of having to celebrate in a specific way at a specific time… I celebrate anniversaries and birthdays in a big way because they’re personal and I think with valentines day you’re generic and not specific to anybody’s real experience.”

Grant Magazine

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