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Kristin Barsotti

Age: 40

High School: Grant, Class of 1995

Children: Nataylee, 20; Braelynn, 17; Rhyann, 12; Etta, 8; and Ellis, 7

Favorite TV shows:Scandal” and “Law and Order

Number of tattoos: 16

What is your job?

My role at Grant is half-time bookkeeper … so I’m available to kids and parents and staff for bookkeeping needs, and I help run the student store with kids. It’s not just me tackling lunch in here by myself.

What’s your favorite part?

I think my favorite part about it is just interacting with the students. And because I’m not a teacher … it’s interesting to see them in their element. I’ve learned several kids, what they like and what they don’t like. They are regularly in here, so it’s nice to build a relationship.

You have quite a few tattoos. How did you get them?

Well, when I turned 18, it was like the thing to do. So my very first one was with one of my friends in high school, and we just went to some place that probably should not be in business … and we got matching tattoos, and we both got a sun on the back of our shoulder, and that kind of started my obsession.

What else got you obsessed?

I think it’s really addicting in the sense of you kind of go through this temporary pain to put something on your body that’s going to last forever and ever. It’s kind of like when you have kids, you don’t ever remember any of the pain, they’re just this great kid. I forget about the actual pain of it and what the outcome of it is going to be. So once it turns out really nice, it’s like, “Oh, I could do this again, it’s not that bad.”

Do you plan on getting more soon?

I just got another one on my thigh just a week ago … so that’s really new. It’s a compass with some arrows on it and some stars, and it’s pretty much just like where your path is with your life. Then I will probably wait for a little while because they are expensive.

Do all of your tattoos have meaning?

Most of the things that I get and put on my body are for significant reasons, mostly my kids or something that I’ve been through. Most of my tattoos are in sets of five. I have five kids. So five butterflies, five elephants, five roses.

Are there any tattoos that you regret getting?

A couple, but I’ve covered them up. My very first one just didn’t take well over time, and it was just not great. And another one I was young and not very savvy about tattoos. I got a Japanese letter put on my ankle and … it meant something else than I thought It did.

Have any of your kids gotten tattoos?

My oldest has a couple. She’s definitely not as into it as me, and my 17 year old is not quite old enough, but she’s definitely itching to get her first one when she turns 18.

What sort of things do you do with your kids?

They do soccer for sports. I keep trying to push more indoor sports with them, but they are definitely more outdoor-based. It’s a lot of practice, homework and just kind of being a mom and doing what they need.  

Would you consider yourself a soccer mom?

I’m still fighting being a soccer mom. I’ve been to obviously numerous games, and I have to because I just have to, but it’s not my favorite. ◆

Molly Metz
Two years ago, in her first year on the staff, Molly jumped into the world of Grant Magazine and took on writing, photography, design and management. Last year, she was named as one of the Editors-in-Chief and handled the business and management side of production. She helped the class raise more than $45,000 for more equipment and a trip to New York City. Now as a senior and again Editor-in-Chief, Molly wants to define her voice on the magazine and challenge herself as a reporter and photographer by taking on more stories.

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