Documentary: The N-Word, a Special Report

The N-word is one of the most divisive words in the history of the English language, and as such, one of the hardest to talk about. Because of this, we, a team of Grant Magazine videographers, put together this video report to shed light on the topic and start a discussion.

Cassius Pettit, Finn Hawley-Blue and Sawyer Montgomery contributed to this report.

Mackie Mallison
Outside of the newsroom, you’ll find Mackie running around Portland, filming for his next film or looking out onto the city on late nights. No matter where he goes, Mackie has his camera, its his form of expression.

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Katie said : Guest Report 2 years ago

I love this. #pulizerprizeworthy Also, this truth is scary. This truth that your high school is made up of tons of racist kids who are ignorant to history is scary because this is not only true for Oregon. This is epidemic is infesting schools across the nation. This is an issue at my own school, in Tennessee. It's terrifying because this is our next generation of politicians, teachers, doctors, and leaders. We are the future of our country and that scares me. Also, y'all are goals. Keep up the great work. Keep making noise.

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