The N-Word: A Special Report

 From its painful history to a movement to reclaim it, the N-word is unlike any other in our lexicon. Walk down the hallways and you’ll hear it. Log on to social media and you’ll see it. But there’s little conversation about its impact. The purpose of this story is not to find an answer, but to spark the conversations that desperately need to be had. Click on each chapter below to read what we have found.

I. The Spark

A series of incidents involving students’ use of the N-word pushes Grant High School to a crossroads.

II. Turning Back the Pages

To understand the power and magnitude of the N-word, you can’t ignore history.

III. Then and Now

For some, the N-word is an opportunity to take back a term that was once used as a tool of dehumanization. For others, the history is too painful to ignore.

IV. Words in Disguise

Politicians, the media and others won’t use the N-word up front. But coded terms have become commonplace when referring to black people.

V. Photo Story: The First Time

Members of the Grant community recall how the N-word has affected their lives.

VI. Podcast: A Choice of Words, a Matter of Conscience

A Grant Magazine editor shares his personal experience with the word.

VII. Documentary: The N-Word, a Special Report

A team of Grant Magazine filmmakers put together this video report to shed light on the topic and start a discussion.

Grant Magazine
The Grant Magazine is a hybrid publication, comprised of a 36 page monthly news magazine and this website. It is put out and run by a small staff of students from Grant High School in Portland, Oregon.

2 Comments on The N-Word: A Special Report

Katie said : Guest Report 2 years ago

This is amazing. I just shared on my facebook, my twitter, my everything. I suggested to my school's newspaper advisor that this be assigned as a required reading and we discuss it in class. This is great journalism. Be proud of yourselves. Our newspaper, just wrote a piece about diversity. This article idea was proposed as an article about race and race issues on campus but was heavily softened when it need not be softened. Y'all handled this matter in a magnificent way and I'm in such awe. I aspire to write a piece this powerful.

Maureen said : Guest Report 2 years ago

Hats off to you kids! Are you sure this was written by high schoolers? Race needs to be talked about in the open. Otherwise, as a country we will never really get to the next level. This series of articles is a great starting point for high schools to start that dialog!!

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