Senior Wills

I, Yuliya Mihalik, will the stairwell to Jake Molaro and Nick Sullivan. Use it well and be sure to play lots of bad music.

I, Emma Decker, will Maya the strength to finish ALL eight 200’s at track practice, Alyson the newsroom during free periods, and Kellen a haircut.

I, Helena Bales, hereby will to my little sister, Camille Bales, her locker, I promise I won’t break into it anymore. I will my sister to Sara Sargent; don’t lose her. And I will to my lively freshmen a great year of blowing stuff up in chemistry.

I, Natalie Barron, will VISTA to Claire Leipzig and Abby Williams. Make mama proud!

I, Giovanna Bishop, will my lacrosse #32 jersey to Anna Shaff, and would like to give my swagg to Yoyo, and my smart attributes to Bella. Love you guys!

I, Karl Braun, will my mystical powers of chaos magic and party sorcery to Griffin Guardalabene, Elliot Coates and Austin Griggs.

I, Anna Carlin, hereby will good luck to my froshie friends, the bass clarinet section to Bradley Lewis, and a Poptart to the first 6 Wiz cast kids to ask for one.

I, Lena Childress, will Sadie Ainsworth the comfort of my fireplace, where she is welcome to come over and do her homework any time.

I, Annelies Cowan, will all underclassmen ruggers the smell of victory, I hope that smell lives eternal in your nostrils. To Sierra Skye I will my wonderful singing voice, may she use it in the quietest of places. And lastly to future Unit 5ers I will a secure browser.

I, Jane Crabtree, will next year’s unit two my love of James Wilson, and give Eli control of next year’s board game club!

I, Drew Edmonds, hereby will Cade May my tenacity on the pitch and my swag on the mag.

I, Carlee Emerson, will Jaymee Jackson my amazing dance moves.

I, Alex Fisher, will my ability to throw strikes to Zach Johnson.

I, Juliana Hairston, will my soccer captain position and all of my One Direction and Justin Bieber locker items to Hannah Griffiths Boston.

I, Julian Hanlon-Austin, will Brandon Brown lane 1 at practice, Xanderx the lead offensive rolevv on the soccer team and Jovon and Jaylun get my looks.

I, Alyssa Hardman, will Katie Feller to Riley McDorman.

I, Braden Hewitt, will the key to Haven Riffel’s heart to Kate Grenham.

I, Karlee Hoff, will Harrison Schrage unlimited samples at Baskin Robbins.

I, Sophie Kidd-Myers, will to Hannah N. a wonderful year in art studio and the position of head you-know-what. To my freshmen I will the will to survive high school and to Sophia W. crazy beautiful Portland adventures. Also I will infinite crazy parties to Aaron K.

I, Pádraig Gillen, bequeath Seán my stamp collection.

I, Nicole Goodman, hereby will Isabella Zehetbauer my beautiful long fingernails and all of my trendy polishes.

I, Nina Greene, will the Grant Hike Club to Abby and Mia.

I, Morgan Grover, will Lena Grover the position of sass master at Grant High School for the next three years.

I, Nate Karn, will Max St. John my charm and good looks.

I, Kathleen Kohl, being of abstract mind and three-dimensional body, will Brynne and Claire L. a pi of pie; the First Sopranos a high A; Claire G. my Merthur obsession; next year’s Unit2 the ability to understand Tim’s sarcasm; Ben this message—DFTBA; and to my freshmen, best of luck.

I, Cameron Kokes, hereby will Tariq Harden my spot on the field, Ben Seitz my dance moves and Libby Kokes my ability to get homework done as fast as possible.

I, Mac Larsen, will at least two feet to Sam Butler’s height, the laughs of the Stage to Paul Smith, and a legacy to GHS Con Team.

I, Siena Loprinzi, hereby will Student Government to Madeline Williams. Good luck next year!

I, Maddie McNerthney, will my love of dance to Sunshine Bender and my captain status to Kosumo, Grace and Lia. I also will my Grant swag to my little coach Nolan.

I, Sara Moreno, leave the joy and wisdom of being a senior to Trhas S. and Yuliana R. and the best of luck to my little sister Jazmin who will be replacing me next year.

I, Harley Nerheim-Chereck, will 104, the legendary Grant High School Snowboard-team number, to Kyle Nerheim-Chereck, to strive to go faster, pop higher, and surpass the insanity of the greatest Grant High School has ever seen.

I, Art O’Kelly, hereby will Haven Riffel the ownership to G.W.K. Music and all of its assets. Only offer membership to those who are willing to take the sacred oath to trap music. Stay goofy my friend.

I, Emily Olson, will all my Con Team good luck to next year’s team, especially Madi Moskowitz, Charlotte Skalski, and Emerson Webb. I also will my voluminous hair to Anna Shaff!

I, Jacob Palmer, will Xanderx the goalie position for next soccer season and I will Max St. John to be the designated water boy.

I, Madeline Pape, will my pitch pipe duties to Mitchell Schaumberg, and Maddy Fellows to April Lonchar and Maia Dooney. I will all of my four leaf clover luck to The Lone Ranger.

I, Aidan Paulk, will Jackson Cole all of my heart and sole. You are my baby.

I, Bret Pinkley, will my duties as a baseball coach to Levi Dorr.

I, Katrina Rapp, will Julia Sherman my heart and soul and Haven Brice the key to swag city.

I, Emily Volpert, will the Bachelor to Harrison Schrage, my scary face to Alyson Woolley, chicken and noonoos to Luke Bolton and Julia Sherman, and the editor’s hearts to Ahren Lahvis.

I, Nik Wagner, will my good looks and facial hair to Elliot Coates.

I, Matilda Wildey, will Tanysha Ross my extremely good looks, 4.0, and my love forever and ever!

I, Maddie Schrage, will my nail painting skills to Alyson Woolley, my Grant spirit to Harrison Schrage, and to AJ Atherton, Calvin Scott and Luke Davis one Gatorade each. No more.

I, Dave Austin, will: to Drew Edmonds, please never forget how much your diligence and effort this year paid off. Everything you have done has been excellent; to Nicole Goodman, your work ethic is second to none. Make sure to keep your eyes on the prize; to Nina Greene, Continue to question authority and find out the answers that make sense to you; to Clara Howell, you epitomize how hard work pays off. Don’t let anyone stand in your way. (And, make sure to find the nearest Taco Bell when you get to campus); to Siena Loprinzi, continue to have confidence in everything you do. Know that you can leap easily over obstacles; to Hanna Olson, continue to display the bravery you have shown throughout your two years on the magazine; to Maddie Schrage, keep InDesign close at hand as your creative side leaves everyone in the dust. And maybe leave some of that quiet confidence behind for me?; to Amelia Wimmer, you have certainly found your voice in your writing. Look for opportunities to display your leadership. The world could use it.

To the editors, Emma Decker: Your ability to rebound after a setback is inspiring. I want you to never let anything get you into a funk. Just remember that how you rise above the challenge is as important as the challenge itself; and Emily Volpert: There’s a level of fight in you that can’t be taught. Your tenacity has gotten you far. But your grace and your ability to guide others is underrated. Let that shine in college. Everyone will follow you. I know it.


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