Moments: Maintaining the Legacy

Ali Woodyard, 15, Grant freshman (second from left):

“I think it’s important because it (shows) parents and, you know, other kids what it’s like to be on dance team. You don’t just practice it for like five minutes, you know it takes a long time. This was six hours of just teaching and going through and doing it over and over … I actually really like little kids, and we got fourth graders, and they were really sweet. It was fun to just kind of hang out with them because they’re not as immature as you think. We played little games with them and stuff, and they learned it really fast. It wasn’t like as difficult as we all thought it was gonna be. But it was just fun to actually teach instead of learn.”

Jessica Griepenburg
Outside of Magazine, Jessica is constantly thinking of new ideas for stories that will eventually make their way into her many journals. But for her, whether it’s journalistic or fictional, writing isn’t just a hobby. “Writing is my safe place. It always has been,” she says. “It’s the only place I feel totally comfortable expressing my true self.”

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