Moments: Lunch on the fire escape

They’ve been friends since 2011 when they were students at Beaumont Middle School. These days, they gather at lunch on the east side of Grant High School.


Henry Senior, 16, junior: “If I didn’t sit with them, I don’t know who I would really. So yeah, just their general company. I’d say that our time together has been a good time to get our personal thoughts out and have very open conversations with each other, which in my eyes keeps our friendship close.”

Jasmine Callon, 16, junior: “It’s sort of hard to hear everybody when you’re surrounded by a whole bunch of other people, so it’s nice being outside…We just do stuff that we find enjoyable, like play video games and stuff, like Super Smash Bros. I mean they are just people I enjoy being around. Everybody is weird in their own way but it’s a nice kind of weird. When you’re friends with someone long enough, you know, there are a lot of inside jokes and stuff, so that’s pretty much how we communicate with each other…Half of the time we are laughing it’s because I have horrible hearing and I mishear something. I’ll come up with something totally different from what they were saying.”

Josephine Westarp, 16, junior: “I went up here freshman year once and then, like independently, one day Henry noticed it and suggested we have lunch up here and it was very nice. So we just kept doing it. I just like being high up, and looking out at people and the front. We’ve been eating lunch together since sixth grade. We have a lot of the same interests so we don’t really run out of subjects. I just enjoy being with them. It’s just the three of us.”

Molly Metz
Two years ago, in her first year on the staff, Molly jumped into the world of Grant Magazine and took on writing, photography, design and management. Last year, she was named as one of the Editors-in-Chief and handled the business and management side of production. She helped the class raise more than $45,000 for more equipment and a trip to New York City. Now as a senior and again Editor-in-Chief, Molly wants to define her voice on the magazine and challenge herself as a reporter and photographer by taking on more stories.

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