Moments: Here Comes Santa Claus

Dean Hanson, “Santa,”  66

“About six years ago, a pastor from my church … needed a Santa and said, ‘Dean have you ever done it? You kind of look the part, you act the part, you are the part.’ I loved it so much that I bought the suit. I have always had a great love for people around me, and when I see little kids who just want to be held, and they want to know somebody cares about them, that touches my heart deeply. Some people just need to know that somebody is listening to them. George (the stuffed animal) rides with me in the sleigh everywhere I go. He is kind of like my navigator, and he gets a little on the cold side, so he loves warm hugs … Sometimes when Santa seems a little bit spooky or too scary, then (the kids) can hold onto George and give him a big hug and a squeeze.”

Amy Friday, 42 (with daughter, Scarlett, 1)

“It’s a complete tradition for us. Last year when we took her, she was like two months old or something. My family always took us to see Santa Claus, and there was a great big line. It was always really exciting. Traditions are important in general. And having family traditions that are loving and celebrate happiness and positive things during the holidays are really important. Daddy couldn’t come because he was working … we will do another Santa run where Daddy gets to come, too. It makes the holidays fun and special, and that’s what family is all about.”

Miles Rideau
This is Miles’ first year on magazine. He enjoys writing and taking pictures and is looking forward to contributing his work to the magazine. When he’s not in class or battling Pokemon, Miles is athletically driven. After moving to Portland from Los Angeles at the age of 10, he decided to start primarily playing lacrosse, while playing recreational basketball and soccer on the side. He’s played on varsity lacrosse for the last two years and hopes to continue with the sport indefinitely.

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