Class of 2017 Transformations

Miles Cole, 18

What do you think of your freshman year yearbook photos?

“When I first heard from a friend that I had two pictures in the yearbook, I was confused. Then I realized they must have included my original turtle-like picture and my retake. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened, with my name reversed to Cole Miles underneath the retake … (Compared to now), I’d say freshman me was definitely more immature in pretty much every way. I didn’t really pay attention to the world that much, just my own life. And now, I look a lot more at the world around me and political things happening, worldly events. I’m just a lot more aware of my surroundings.”

Brennan Johnson, 17

What was your favorite part of high school?

“I think that definitely one of my favorite parts of high school was my experience on the varsity soccer team. It was a lot of fun to play at a high level of soccer and have that family-like community for months … This year when we played against Lincoln for the first time was really fun, there was a really big crowd, and I scored a nice goal, and we won. That was probably the best game that I had my two years on varsity.”

Gina boon, 18

How have you changed since your freshman year?

“Oh boy. I think that I am much more my own person than I was  four years ago. I think I do things for myself more. I know my boundaries, I know what I’m about, and I know that sometimes I need ‘me time.’ Sometimes I gotta put me first, and that’s not something that I was good at when I was a freshman. So, putting myself first and learning more about myself, those are the main things.”

Kazuma Fujiwara, 18

How have you changed since your freshman year?

“I kinda figured out a little more into what I want to do. Freshman year, I was just going through the motions … but now I’ve figured out my interests more. I found out I like to cook. I had never cooked before, but now I cook almost every day. I’m hoping to go to culinary school. I just liked to eat, and I’ve always been picky, so instead of going out and paying a bunch of money, I thought, ‘I should just figure out how to make it’ … It’s not a major change, but it’s something I can look forward to.”

Lindsay Andrus, 18

What have you learned about yourself throughout your four years at Grant?

“I learned that I can be a leader. Freshman year, I was really quiet, I didn’t really have that many friends coming into high school. And then I joined dance team, and I made a bunch of friends and I stayed on that team for four years. As a senior, I got to be a captain, and that was a really big leadership responsibility. It was just cool to see that I could be a leader, because freshman year I didn’t see that coming at all.”

Lucy Aldisert, 18

How has your appearance changed since freshman year?

“I think all together, getting more confident since freshman year, it’s just gone steadily up. It’s like I dress in a way that’s more true to my style. I’ve also gotten super into art and painting, and I think that influences my style a lot because it all works together, and I kind of have my own style. I like to put it together from lots of different types of stores or places. And, I cut all my hair off, so that was a big change too, and it’s been great!”

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